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UHP Student Committee

UHP Student Committee 2018-19

The campus environment and student input are deemed essential to the successful academic progress of UHP students. To this end, UHP seeks ways to provide a climate conducive to learning, taking into account students’ academic needs and meaningful personal experiences. Although there are numerous student activities associated with campus life at UIC, there are several student organizations that are supported by the UHP which enhance both the educational and professional development of UHP students. A representative from the UHP supported student organizations serve on the UHP Student Committee. The Committee meets regularly and provides feedback and input to the UHP staff.

Student Organizations supported by UHP include:

Student National Dental Association – College of Dentistry

Hispanic Student Dental Association – College of Dentistry

Student National Medical Association - College of Medicine

Latino Medical Student Association - College of Medicine

Minority Students’ Nurses Association - College of Nursing

Student National Pharmaceutical Association - College of Pharmacy

Unique Pamoja – College of Pharmacy

FARMICA – College of Pharmacy

Minority Student for the Advancement of Public Health - School of Public Health