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UHP Pre-Health

Urban Health Program Mini Health Professions Program

Guiding The Next Generation of Healthcare Professionals Heading link

Children in the Mini Health Progressions Program learning dissection.

UHP at UIC is excited to announce the development of a new pathway program called the “Mini Health Professions Program.” This pathway program is aimed at introducing 4th and 5th graders from the surrounding UIC neighborhoods to the wonders of the health sciences and the healthcare professions through lectures, experiments, and anatomical dissections.

Focused on hands-on learning experiences, the program helps students develop critical-thinking skills while making connections with mentors and role models.

What is Mini Health Professions Program? Heading link

Children learning anatomy

A curriculum centered upon 7 different organ systems will be taught to students one Saturday a month for 7 months throughout the school year. The pilot program will start in October and run one Saturday a month from 9 am-1:15 pm.

The 7 body system components are Neurology, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Gastrointestinal, Musculoskeletal, Dental and Mental Health.

The program will have 5 components for each session. These include a lecture component, an anatomy dissection component, a scientific experiment component, a technology/professions component, and a public health component. All sessions are geared toward a very interactive learning experience.

A typical day at Mini Health Profession Program: Heading link

Children attending a lecture.

Each of our sessions has 5 main components.

(1) The main lecture is given on the organ system of the month. We will then break into small group activities including:

(2) An activity/experiment that includes data collection and analysis with graphing of the data.

(3) Anatomy. Fetal pig dissection and individual sheep/bovine organ dissection.

(4) TPE (Technology, profession involved, and exam techniques) Small group lecture regarding the specific organ system with integration of a visiting health care professional and corresponding technology used with that system

(5) A Public Health lecture linking the organ system to a public health concern. Lunch will then be served and afterward, students will be dismissed.

We hope you will join our team to inspire the NEXT GENERATION OF HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS!


To learn more about MHPP, please contact:

Dr. Darcy Goldfarb, MD – Program Director, email:

Sabrina Anam, MHPP Social Media contact, email: